The Complete Guide to GPT And Points2Shop Referrals

How to Make Money From Referrals


Referral programs give you opportunity to increase your earnings in Gpt sites. When a user sign up through your link, you receive a commission (percentage) of what they make and a percentage of what their referrals make. Getting more referrals can make you earn hundred of dollars without doing offers and surveys.

Family and Friends they are valuable resources and one of the easiest ways to get referrals. you can send out your referral link with some information about Gpt sites you are working with via an email or by a banner, or text link. Remember be aware that only one account per household is allowed.

Message boards and forums these are great ways to get new referrals. There are hundreds of message boards and forums where you can post your referral link with some information about Gpt site you are working with. You could even add your referral link or banner to your signature in forums. if you are very active and posts a lot in forums, more people will see your signature and more will click on link or banner to check the site and sign up. Remember to read forums rules before posting about your Gpt site, some will not allowed to add referral links or to post about a Gpt site that's already announced before.

Blogs you can create a blog at, that talks about your experience with Gpt sites and include some information about what is Gpt, how to earn free money, which one are the best, how to complete offers etc. Remember to include your referral link in the blogs that you post. Also you can add it to search engines to get traffic from people who are looking for ways to generate cash online.

Flyers you can create a flyers that you can print out and distribute it to public areas (schools, colleges or around your neighborhood).

Chat Rooms Like Forums, chat rooms are another great place to get referrals. you can join chat rooms that have money discussions and through you referral link.

PTC or PTR Paid to Click or Paid to read are very good places to advertise your referral link or banners. You either pay for banner impression or pay by click your link or banner receive.

Traffic Exchanges This is a great way to get some free traffic to your site. You will view other people's websites and in exchange they will view yours. This is great if you're new to marketing on the web and is a great platform for a paid online survey site.

Showing Checks when you receive the check from Gpt sites. You can use them to get referrals by showing it to your friends.