Why My Offers are not crediting?

How to Get Credit For The Offers on Points2Shop.com


Gpt Sites Pay you to complete offers and take surveys but there is no guarantee on offers crediting. You complete offers on your own risk so be sure to learn how to increase your approval ratings before completing offers. If you are new to Gpt Programs, Click Here to know ho Gpt sites work and ways to earn from these sites. If you have been on gpt sites for a while but still have problems getting all offers to credit, I would advice to check this article for Tips And Tricks to complete offers.

I honestly didn't expect to write more articles about getting offers to credit but thought besides knowing Tips and Tricks you have to know reason why offers are not crediting. It might also help to increase your approval ratings and you will be able to receive credit for most of the offers and surveys. Here are the reasons why offers are not crediting.

You didn't delete Cookies after completing each offer. Cookies are used to track your activity at gpt sites. Clearing cookies is very very important to offers crediting. Click HERE to know how to delete cookies.

You didn't delete Temporary Internet Files after completing each offer. The Temporary Internet Files contain web sites stored on your computer for quick viewing. It's important to delete it to be able to view web pages normally. You will notice after completing many surveys the pages will be stored on your computer and completing offers will just take a few seconds that might mess the tracking of the offer or survey.

Your information stored in sponsor's database (Name, address or even Ip Address). It's the same concept as temp but it's stored on advertiser's database not your computer so be sure not to complete many surveys at same day from same company as brandarama or winning surveys. Some will be credited and others won't.

You have used false information while completing offers. It's the most important fraud committed in Gpt sites. Advertisers are always looking for a valid leads and expect valid information from you so you must use valid information to receive credit for all offers and not to get your account blocked. If you are caught cheating and using false information, your account will be marked as cheater and you will lose all points and cash earned.

You have completed the offer on another Gpt site. Not only you won't receive credit but also it is considered Fraud and if you are caught doing same offer over and over on different gpt sites, you will be banned. It's very important to track the offers you completed so that you don't duplicate them. I would advice to use excel spreadsheet, It's the easiest method to track offers.

You didn't complete the entire offer. Make sure to read the instructions written below each offer to know the end of the survey or offer. If you quit half way through a survey or don't finish an offer, you won't be credited. Also, Sometimes the offer requires confirmation via email received from sponsor offer.

You have used a prepaid credit card or gift card to complete offer. Some advertisers no more accept it. Also, your account might be terminated if you used prepaid credit card fraudently.