My Cash Carnival

Another Gpt Site That has Closed


My Cash Carnival is another gpt site that has closed on June 22nd. The owner sent out a message to members announcing the closing of the site. She said that she was having a wonderful members but it took much time for little return. The positive thing about it that all payments will have been paid as long as the minimum payout $10 has been reached. She also continued approving offers to help members to reach payout.

Here is the summary of the conversation I have had with the owner of My Cash Carnival:

The main reasons why My Cash Carnival owner decided to close the site were problem with FRAUD and many offers were getting reversed. Another problem was offers crediting it's one of the bad things in gpt industry making members upset. The time spent on the site was not worth the profit it makes.

It was not an issue of working hard, she worked really hard and spent a lot of money on advertising but she didn't have large members base. Bigger sites like Squishy and DealBarbie have been open a lot longer than she had been and had a bigger base.

It was not a problem with money wise but she also have to think about what is best for her and her family and closing the site is what is best.

Conversation ended I have really enjoyed talking with My Cash Carnival owner. Really I would like to thank her again here and I hope she will have a wonderful time with her girls and family!