What is GPT (Get Paid To)

Make Money Online with GPT Sites


What is Gpt?

Gpt Stand for "get paid to" these programs pay you cash to complete free offers, Take surveys, try products or free services, shopping online and sign up for trial memberships. Gpt sites will not make you rich but you can easily earn steady and nice income cash and prizes.

How Gpt programs makes money?

They make their money through advertisers. The Advertisers pay the GPT sites to find new potential customers for them to try their service or product because they hope that gpt members will like them and become paying customers. For every offer you complete, Gpt are paid a certain amount and they pass that money on to you! From hundreds of offers valued at thousands of dollars, you can make tons of money from Gpt Sites.
Example: An offer with 10$ credit Gpt sites will pay you 8$ to signup and complete the offer and they will take 2$ from Advertisers.

3 ways to earn from Gpt Sites

Freebies are free offers that don't require credit card. They pay you from 0.5 to 5$ per offer. You can always stay with the freebies if you don't want to use your credit card or you can start by doing freebies once you are comfortable doing it you can cash out and use your earning to buy credit card to complete paid/trials offers. Most freebies are simple as completing short surveys by entering your information and answer questions, or entering your zip code or email address. You can make from 100 to 500$ monthly from these offers. There are hundreds of new offers added monthly.

Paid/trials Offers are the most high paying offers that requires credit/debit card to complete, and sometimes requires a fees from 1 to 10$. They are offers in which you try an online service (like netflix and stamp.com) or a product. Most of these offers will continue to bill you with service or product and charge your card a fee if you didn't cancel the service prior your trial deadline.

Referral is someone that signed up in Gpt site via your referral link. Your referrals simply click on the text link that you have provided by email or pasts the link into their web browser or click on a banner, or text link and your unique username will be recorded automatically. Gpt sites will pay you a percentage of what your referrals make from 10 to 20%. Second referral level are those who signed up under your referrals, you get from 3 to 5% of what they earn. Referrals are worth their weight in gold they will help you to increase your earning without doing offers.

Sounds Great! How Do I Get Started?

Get a new FREE email account just for Gpt Sites

Freebies result in tons of spam, junk, and bulk mail. So don't use your primary emails address. Simply create a free email account At Gmail.

Set up your computer for success in completing offers!

1- Don't use firefox, Netscape or the AOL browsers (you can use internet explorer for Gpt sites.
2- Make sure your browser accept all Cookies, In Internet Explorer you can do it easily be going to "Tools" menu then "Internet Options" then "Privacy" then click on "settings".
3- Delete cookies after each freebie offer. Simply you can delete them by clicking on Tools --> internet option --> delete cookies or you can use CCcleaner. Clearing out your cookies is extremely important to increase your approval rate.
4- Allow Pop-ups in your browser

Establish Your Goal & Strategy

First think for a moment what do you want from GPT sites? For Example
1- You want to take a vacation
2- Pay college cost
3- Complete offers and surveys fro FUN
4- Replace your job
5- Earn a steady income
6- Get free sample, Win cash and prizes
7- Get Free Stuff From the internet

Choose Points2Shop or Cashle, Register then start completing offers and Surveys to Earn FREE Cash or get Free Rewards.