Gpt - How to Avoid GPT Scams

The GPT Scams that You Have to Know and Avoid


When doing GPt, Watch out Scam Gpt Sites, for every one legit gpt site there is about 5 Scam gpt sites and with so many gpt sites on the internet, it becomes extremely difficult to know which one's pay and worth time and effort spent and which one's are internet scam. In this article I will tell you how to know if the site is scam or not. There are many Gpt sites with hundreds and thousands of members joined with it and never pay members. Scam Gept sites will take away your money and time. Read this article to learn more how to avoid Gpt Scams

First of all, never use gpt sites that ask you to pay for membership. If the site is not offering free membership, don't signup.

Read the Frequently Asked Questions, guidelines and payout information (Daily or monthly)

Read the terms of service page, it might take some time but may contain reasons why you didn't receive payment or you account was marked as cheater.

Type the name of the Website or and the work "complaint" or "scam" in any search engine.

Read other members reviews and complaints. Make sure the positive reviews are more than negative one's. If you find a lot of negative reports, then avoid this site. However, if you find great reports and the site is paying members stick with these type of sites. They can be great way to start earning money have a little fun. You can also ask other members who use the site.

What's the minimum payout? You have to find out how much you have to earn to request payout and remember to look at how gpt site send payment by check, paypal or egold.

Make sure you do research on Gpt sites! Google it and see feedback site is getting. Trusted Gpt sites have dedicated forums where members can post their opinion, thoughts and experience. However, don't make one or two posts change your thought about the site that it's scam. These are from members that were marked as cheaters. You can also check the payment proof section for proofs received from members. For example Visit Points2shop Proof of received items section and see thousands of prizes received by points2shop members.

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