Fraud in the GPT Industry

Fighting the Internet Fraud


Fraud is a series problem that hurts gpt industry, now members are very scared that they are going to be marked as cheaters and Gpt owners are working very hard to fight fraud with advertisers and other gpt owners.

Fraud Can be many things:

Completing same offers on different gpt sites to get paid multiple times for completing same offer

Using Fake info to complete offers or using someone friends information

using fake email address to complete offers

Using Prepaid or Stolen Credit Card, Fraudulent members use them to avoid being charged

Signup for a trial then cancel immediately

Using proxy to signup

Without incentive marketing, Gpt sites won't exist and members will not be able to earn free money and the more fraud the less companies that work with incentive traffic. When advertisers notice any fraudulent action, they will either don't pay for the lead or decide not to run their offers in incentive traffic sites. For example winning survey it was a very large company with tons of surveys, they have decided not to run their surveys at incentive sites because of fraud.

I can say that gpt industry will not die, there is still many companies seeking incentive traffic and sales. New incentive offers are added daily and Gpt sites that can fight fraud will success.