GPT Site Closing

Watch out Gpt Site Closing And Gpt Scams


Gpt members are frustrating now to see so many gpt sites closing. This year we have seen many gpt sites opening and closing very quickly. Some are closing overnight and taking away the money you have in your account balance and others are honest sites that let it's members to take their money before closing.

It can be one of many reasons Gpt sites are closing

They haven't had the time to manage it

They don't have any experience except being a member before at other gpt sites

Because of fraud either from members or site owners

Very low offers completion rate

Owners would like to focus on other projects

Many offers were getting reversed

There aren't enough new offers on a monthly basis

Affiliate networks dropped all incentive sites and many others are not accepting new sites

Even with closing of new and old gpt sites, there are still a lot of sites are working and gpt industry is still alive. I would love that the honest sites will be alive forever but in order for these sites to remain alive members should make sure to use their real information and don't repeat offers at different gpt sites. Site owners should not commit fraud by denying offers for members which in fact was not denied by advertisers.